French Women Are Defending Their Decision Not To Shave With These Striking Selfies

Let it grow.

On Monday, French teenager Adèle Labo started a social media movement to empower women to be proud of their body hair with the hashtag #LesPrincessesOntDesPoils, or, in English, #PrincessesHaveHair.

Labo explained her motivation in an email to A Plus.

"What inspired me to create this hashtag was the help it could represent for many girls, the help for them to be confident with their own body," Labo wrote, adding that the sense of liberty conveyed by the hashtag also played a part. "Indeed, women (but also men) feel pressured by beauty standards and it seems they cannot choose what they want to do with their body without getting mean comments."

According to Ask Men, 62 percent of U.S. women shave their pubic hair, and there's an all-too-prevalent misconception that choosing not to do so might make you gross or unclean. But as Labo's social media movement proves, choosing to not wax or shave is perfectly normal, and even something to be celebrated.

"I believe people should have the liberty of choosing what they want to do with their body," Labo told A Plus.

Here are 11 photos of women who used social media to show that you don't need to shave to shine.












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