Short Animation Perfectly Comments On Our Perverse Standards Towards Female Body

Where is it all heading to?

It takes great lengths for a woman to meet today's unattainable beauty standards.

You need to work. Shave it, brush it, lift it, tuck it. Some things need to be smaller, the others — bigger. And all for that glorious moment when somebody says you are beautiful, feminine, divine. But is it worth it?

French filmmaker Frederic Doazan of 12fps explores that in his short animation that displays how absurd the Western beauty standards opted towards women really are. Titled 'Supervenus', his video shows what jarring body modifications women agree upon, just to match the disturbingly unnatural idea of femininity.

Frederic Doazan shows what effect the perception of beauty in Western cultures takes on women.

Frederic Doazan/12fps

Botox injections are reported to be the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world.

Frederic Doazan/12fps

The yearly revenue of cosmetics industry in the United States alone reaches $58 billion.

Frederic Doazan/12fps

In Venezuela, breast implants are compared to Jewish girls getting their Bat Mitzvah. Despite the low GDP, Venezuelans paid for 38,500 boob jobs last year.

Frederic Doazan/12fps

According to a plastic surgeon who defined the ideal pair of legs, they "have become an important element of seduction."

Frederic Doazan/12fps

So mix all that, add a little tan and the Supervenus is born.

Frederic Doazan/12fps

What's your verdict?

Frederic Doazan/12fps

This is a short excerpt from Frederic's full movie which is now touring the world and will have an official web version in a few months. For a longer extract you can head to the 12fps website.

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