Trippy Floating Face Illusion In Las Vegas Bar Makes You Feel Like You're In Some Alternate Universe


Imagine sitting at the slot machines, enjoying a drink...

...and then looking up to see THIS watching you.

What is even going on here??

This amazing 3-D face can be found inside SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino at Center Bar. 

According to Make: magazine, the optical illusion was engineered by Daktronics, which built the 32-foot long structure using 2.1 million LEDs. When you view the face from just the right angle, it appears to have actual depth, and to be watching you.


Kind of makes it hard to concentrate on gambling with that giant face quietly staring at you. Judging you. OK, so it might not actually be judging you, but it sure helps your imagination run wild with what it might be thinking. 

(H/T: Reddit

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