11 First Kiss Confessions, As Told By Anonymous Whisper Secrets

Practice makes perfect.

During a movie first kiss, the characters become love-struck and nothing else around them matters. Sometimes it's even raining and perfect (see: The Notebook.)

But real life is a little bit different. Whisper, an anonymous secret sharing app, combed through their posts to find out what first kisses are really like.

The good news is that practice makes perfect.


I was so nervous during my first kiss afterwards I blurted out "I'm sorry I suck at kissing"


My boyfriend got his tongue ring stuck in my braces during our first kiss when we were 17.


 My first kiss was gross. He drooled all over me.


My first kiss was awkward, I had my left hand in a bag of potato chips.


The first thing I thought during my first kiss was "Ew! This is much grosser than expected!"


My first kiss was so awkward, i missed his lips, but i kissed his chin instead.


Our first kiss was right after watching Frozen.  She cried.  Turned out not to  be a good sign.


I went on my first date and when the guy went to go kiss me I got scared and gave him a high five


during my first kiss, I threw up a little in my mouth.


My first kiss was so awkward..his mouth covered mine and he literally "sucked" and left a red ring around my lips


My first kiss ended up with me choking on a guy's tongue. It was magic.

Image source: We Heart It.


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