'What I Never Told My Dad' Project Shares People's Private Thoughts About Their Fathers

These are so moving.

Whether they just haven't found the right words, or their father is no longer with them, some people have things they wish they could tell their dads. That's why The Book of Everyone team created a special outlet for people to express feelings to their parent. 

"Often it's the things unsaid that scream the loudest, and for some reason this is especially true when it comes to the relationships with dads," Steven Hanson, who helped put the project together said in a blog post. "But what kind of things would people want to say, given the opportunity and the permission to express themselves?"

To find out, Hanson and the rest of the Book of Everyone team created the "What I never Told My Dad" project. Anyone can add their own message to their fathers by submitting to their website. 

Here are some of the submission they received: 


"I miss your humor, but I see it every day in your grandson." 


"By leading by example, you've taught me that with passion you can achieve anything in life." 


"I have never told you how much I appreciate the fact that you have always been supportive of me, even when I have not made the best decisions. You have always given me good advice, and you have been right more times than I would like to admit. I wish you could know how much your advice has helped me." 


"I know you are looking out for me dad. Sometimes that reassures me, sometimes that worries me. It keeps me in check even if you are not physically here." 


"That I am an atheist and bisexual. While I think you would have still loved me, I was afraid it would change how you would look at me and hurt our relationship. I wish you knew."


"I contacted my biological dad. I didn't like him, I'm sorry I feel like I betrayed you." 


"I thought you were gonna give ME that leather jacket!"


"Hi Dad, 

I wanted to do too many things for you and my lovely mum… I'm earning (since last 34 years) and want to give my whole salary to you… Sorry for the past when I was in college and couldn't meet your expectation… I wish I can switch the time backward… I would give you 100 percent proud feeling moments."


"I don't ever think I have said thank you enough. Thank you for everything."


"You have no idea how much your approval still means to me." 


"I know you hate your job and I know you do it for us. I love you Dad." 


"I feel your love everyday." 


"I think you are the best dad in the world!!" 


"I love you (I don't know why I never tell you)." 


"I now know why we fought so much. I look like mum, but I'm you. We're two angry peas in an angry pod." 


"I think you are a better man than me." 


"I want you to stop smoking. Xoxo." 


"Dear Dad, 

I want you to live forever. 





It still hurts to tell people that my dad is dead, but I miss you so much it hurts even worse." 


"Thanks for my sense of humor. It's gotten me out of (and into) lots of trouble." 


"You really should have retired earlier. I had plenty of money!" 


"Sorry dad. I voted conservative." 


"Dear Dad, 

You have worked hard for so long. Now it's time to have fun!" 


"I think you are a better person as Davina than you were as Dave." 


"Your name should go here." 


"I'm sorry for being a bad boy when I was young."


"Thanks for the big ears, Dad. I grew into them." 


"I did drugs, too. But my stories aren't as funny as yours." 


"Dad, You gave me the confidence to leave the nest and fly." 

The Book of Everyone team also put together "The Book of Dad," a 50 page celebration of fathers.  

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