Here's What Women In Their 20s Are Wearing All Over The World

Women in their 20s tell us what's trending from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

We selected a few women in their 20s from around the world to tell us what fashion trends are the most popular in their respective cities.

Their answers may give you inspiration for a night out on the town, or simply help you learn what everyone's wearing from Australia to the United States, to the cities in between.

Melbourne, Australia

"For going out in Melbourne, the most popular thing that everyone seems to wear is the crop top with the middy skirt. Usually in gentle or floral colors on a white base. Also [daytime] floppy hats are a big deal here." -Olia B, young professional.

"Pencil skirts," -Georgia H, young professional.

The Australian-based brand below, Sabo Skirt, features pieces similar to those that these Aussie girls are noticing.

Paris, France

"I don't notice a whole lot of French girls who wear heavy makeup, like foundation or eyeliner. However, at night, they keep their faces and eyes bare, but swipe a layer of red lipstick across their lips. That itself is the perfect accessory to complete a look... a lot of girls wear tights... just plain black tights. So simple, but eye-grabbing, too." -Nikki L, student.

Below, Parisian blogger Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco, sports simple black tights for an ultra-chic look.

Los Angeles, California, USA

"Dark, bold lipstick, loose short sleeve t-shirts, and long sleeve dresses," -Kendyl K, young professional.

Below, LA-based blogger Julie Sariñana exemplifies this relaxed LA style.

Tokyo, Japan

"Bright lips. I see a ton of bright reds and pinks when I'm bar and club-hopping around Tokyo," -Yui N, young professional.

For more from Tokyo, check out the fashionable blogger below.

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

"People dress according to the weather here; it's very casual and chill. What's trending at the moment [are] boots such as Timberlands, paired with leggings or jeans, a loose cami top and a beanie. I usually wear a funky necklace or colorful lipstick to brighten up the look," -Naomi K, young professional.

Check out these playful, relaxed beanies from H&M below before hitting the slopes in Canada.

Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain

To go out: "Makeup-wise, girls wear very natural face makeup, with just a bit of eyeliner and mascara, contrasted with bright red statement lipstick. And clothes-wise, they are very into all black in the winter! A very chic look with black high heel booties, black leggings, and a black shirt, often with a leather jacket or a third piece like a black blazer," -Casie T, young professional and blogger.

Below, Spanish blogger Alexandra Pereira pulls off this all-black look with ease.

London, England

"The biggest trends at the moment are spaghetti strap tops and high waisted tight black jeans, coupled with dark eyes." -Jenny M, young professional.

High-fashion model Bella Hadid rocks the simple spaghetti strap with a pair dark jeans below.

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