People Are Permanently Changing Their Eye Color By Tattooing Their Eyeballs


People are actually getting tattoos on their eyeballs to change their color.

And, yes, it's totally permanent.

To get this look, pigment is injected directly into the person's eyeball until it rests under the conjunctiva, your eye's thin top layer.

The man most often credited as the pioneer of this technique is Luna Cobra, who first experimented with it in 2007. Cobra was inspired by the bright blue eyes of characters from David Lynch's 1984 sci-fi flickDune.

"Since then, I have fine-tuned both the technique and materials to increase the safety and minimize the risks of tattooing the eyeball," he writes on his website. "There are still risks involved, of course, but in the eight years I have been performing this procedure, all my clients are all still OK."

The trend first spread primarily throughout American and Brazilian prisons, but now it has reached the tattoo enthusiasts community. 

Black seems to be a particularly popular choice for many people getting the procedure.

But there are tons of brighter color options as well.

If you're dying to change your eye color, you may want to consider colored contacts as a safer, impermanent option.

Keep in mind that getting an eyeball tattoo can be seriously dangerous. You can go blind from the injection and your eye can become infected and inflamed. 

"My advice is not to do it as there's not enough benefit to even warrant considering that risk of potential pain and loss of vision," Jeffrey Walline of the association's Contact Lens and Cornea Council told the BBC.

(H/T: Buzzfeed

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