A Professor Gave A Powerful Response To A Student's Homophobic Tweet

"See you Thursday."

It's back to school time in college, and one professor's response to a homophobic tweet proves that hate speech will not be tolerated — online or on campus.

Eric Mendenhall, assistant professor of Genetics at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, reportedly received a nasty tweet from one of his students, saying "My genetics teacher is a faggot."

After spotting the hateful tweet, Mendenhall issued a resounding comeback to the student on August 23.

"I don't condone use of that term, & it has no bearing on my ability to teach you genetics," Mendenhall tweeted. "See you Thursday."

Mendenhall's tweet soon went viral, with over 20,000 people liking it, and Garrett reportedly making his account private. One Twitter user asked the professor if he had any regrets about responding to the student openly.

"Everything was public, no expectation of privacy," Mendenhall wrote. "Like garbage in an open trash can right?"

While it seems that bigotry on Twitter might be growing, it hopefully won't last for long. Twitter — along with Facebook, YouTube, and Microsoft — recently signed an agreement to prohibit hate speech on their social platforms.

And Mendenhall, after experiencing some of that hate, remains hopeful that things will get better.

"Each generation shedding some of the hate and bigotry of their parents generation is a key part of being human," he tweeted.

A Plus reached out to Mendenhall for a comment.

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