You Tell Us: Are These The Most Epic Senior Pranks Of All Time?

Do not go gently into that good night.

You could just pick up your cap and gown, grab your diploma, and peace out of high school, sure. Or you could fill every hallway with a cups of water containing goldfish and extend a giant, friendly middle finger to the state-mandated 13-year sentence you just completed. You tell us: which would be more fun?

Whether you go to public or prep school, the senior prank is a time-honored tradition that, if done correctly, will be carved into the very bedrock of your educational institution, inspiring the classes that come after you, and whispered about for years and years to come. In 20 years, you probably won't remember your grade in American history. You will remember filling the secretary's office with styrofoam peanuts and putting a goat in the elevator. 

Here are some of the best senior pranks we found on the internet. We salute these pranksters and hope that they had the maturity to clean up some of the mess they left behind.

Happy graduation!

1. This could balloon out of control.

2. So long as the administration didn't beach at you about it ...

3. The stuff legends are made of — the venerable "fill the hallway with cups" prank.

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4. Meanwhile, at Johnson High School ...

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5. Enrollment dropped the following year, along with a few lawsuits ...

This was the Senior Prank at my high school two years ago. Real name is Pinecrest

6. Hay, that's just NOT cool ...

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7. All other pranks are peanuts compared to this.

8. 20,000 balloons.

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Did you pull a senior prank this year? PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Leave yours in the comments below.


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