11 Times Football Stars Stopped Playing And Tried To Dance Like Beyoncé

These guys can dance.

These professional athletes may not be the greatest dancers, but when they score a touchdown, they channel their inner Fred Astaire. And as far as impromptu dances go, they're pretty good.

Here are 11 players who turned a football field into a dance floor:

1. He likes to be the center of attention.

2. It's the latest dance craze.

3. It's even better in slow motion.

4. Playing a guitar.

5. Going old school.

6. Wave your hand in the air.

7. This touchdown deserves a celebratory dance.

8. Keep going, twinkle toes.

9. He wants to dance, but his teammate stops him.

10. You can tell he's excited.

11. It's like they rehearsed this dance.