Watch Emma Stone And Maya Rudolph Perform ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Using Butter Tubs

Move over, Anna Kendrick.

The very lovely Anna Kendrick's performance of "Cups" has become iconic thanks to Pitch Perfect and its official music video. However, Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph just took things to a whole new level using something a little different to provide percussion: butter tubs. 

"I saw this thing on YouTube a couple years ago of these three girls in their kitchen in Sweden singing a song playing butter tubs just like these, and I've been practicing ever since. I feel like I'm finally ready to give it a shot," Rudolph said during the season finale of Maya & Marty. 

"We're just going to try it for you for the first time tonight," Stone said. "No pressure at all." 

"We're just two gals hanging out with butter tubs," Rudolph replied. 

The duo then proceeded to sing a beautiful, stripped down version of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend." They completely nail it. Honestly, we're left wanting more when the song is over. 

Check it out in the video below:


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