Dog Gets Emotional To Whitney Houston Song

She sounds better than some humans who've attempted that song.

"Belgium's Got Talent" has a lot of high-quality acts vying for the judges' votes. But this time it's a dog, not a human, who steals the show and wins their hearts. 

A pooch by the name of Lady Xena surprises audience and voting panel alike in the video below when she starts singing (howling, really) along to a Whitney Houston song

It's as if she belts out the tune from the bottom of her soul. Considering the song is "I Will Always Love You," we wonder if there's a boy doggy she's thinking of. 

Lady Xena's owners, Mick Depreytere and Daphnee Naessens from Ostend, Belgium first discovered her talent while at a cafe.

"When Xena heard the sound of the song, she began to cry. It was really weird," Depreytere told Belgian newspaper HLN.

Watch Lady Xena's emotional reaction to the ballad.

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