Does Hitting The Snooze Button Actually Help You In The Morning?

Snooze button = 9 minutes of heaven

There’s almost nothing as flat out glorious as silencing your alarm in the morning, as if to say, “Not so fast, world. I’m not ready for all of that quite yet.”

After you smash the button down, you get to snuggle up in your blankets for nine precious minutes, finishing your dream about scuba diving with Tom Hardy, or whatever it is you've been up to. Of course, there are some who don't engage in this sort of behavior, believing it's better to set your alarm for the time you actually want to wake up, rather than deal with consistently interrupted sleep before ultimately getting out of bed.

Sure, that’s the easy answer, but what does science have to say on the matter? Check it out here:

[Image credit: tarasov_vl/iStockphoto]