Step Into The Whimsical World Of The Willy Wonka Of Brooklyn

"Enthusiasm is contagious with untapped ambition."

Colm Dillane is the founder of KidSuper Studios, a collaborative apparel store in Brooklyn, New York — and he is someone you should know about. 

But if you haven't heard of him yet, watch filmmaker and director Alex Morsanutto's documentary "The Ever-Changing World of KidSuper." 

"He's like the Brooklyn Willy Wonka," Morsanutto says of Dillane.

In an email to A+, Morsanutto says prior to beginning work on the "KidSuper" documentary, he had heard Dillane was an "extremely talented streetwear designer that has collaborated with rappers such as Joey Bada$$ and Flatbush Zombies."

After visiting the KidSuper shop, Morsanutto says he was blown away. "I discovered that he [Dillane] had built this amazing place, akin to something straight out of a kid's fantasy. I knew I had to tell the story about KidSuper." 

"I went to find a store. A world that I could build, a world that I could create, a playground to collaborate. Welcome to a world of my imagination, a whimsical place of inspiration." — Dillane

The KidSuper space offers a place for artists, musicians, designers and more to collaborate and share ideas. According to Morsanutto, it's a fantasyland "filled with retro objects that channels spirit into everything within and outside of its walls."

Morsanutto explains that, as a filmmaker, finding the right stories takes additional exploration off the beaten path, "but you have to work for it, and that is an inspiring journey in itself."

"Throughout all my adventures and quests, the thing that has always been the best, is the people I have gotten to meet and the opportunities to complete." — Dillane

Morsanutto's love for film started at an early age, and he says he'd spend his middle school days at the movie theater. 

Now, years later, he has started his own production company called Silvermine Productions that offers commercial, music video, film and photography services. 

"Give 'em hell and don't give up, and doors will open up. Just know that anything is possible if you give it all your focus, and if you're looking to learn or teach, my door is always open." — Dillane

Throughout his own journey, Morsanutto has learned to find and embrace his personal style, collaborate with other creatives, and, of course, hustle. It's something he encourages other up-and-coming filmmakers to do so as well. 

He wishes this latest documentary will show viewers how imagination and hard work leads to success. "I hope that whoever watches my 'KidSuper' film finds the inspiration needed to create, explore, and reach places that they never thought of before." 

"This is just the beginning of the KidSuper movement — a mission to inspire, and be inspired... from teaching math class in school to camping trips in the woods... enthusiasm is contagious with untapped ambition." — Dillane

All in all, Morsanutto says working with Dillane was an amazing experience, and the two share a similar passion to create and collaborate.

Next, Morsanutto is developing a '70s-themed dance film called "Hi-Glow Retro." 

Watch the exclusive premiere of the full KidSuper documentary below:

You can keep up with his work by checking out the Silvermine Productions site and Twitter, or follow his personal Twitter and Instagram.

Plus, be sure to visit the KidSuper store or shop online here.

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