This Is Why Every Deep Sea Fish Looks Like Nightmare Fuel


There's a lot of gorgeous life under the sea like dolphins, sea turtles, and mantis shrimp. But something happens the deeper we go down. As the light fades into blackness, we stop seeing animals that would adorn the walls of a child's bedroom and start seeing creatures that look like they crawled out of their nightmares instead. Sure, not every animal can be a beauty contestant, but what is it about the deep sea that makes everything down there so darn freaky?

As DNews explains, environment is everything for these deep sea creatures. Because of the crushing pressure of the water, the lack of visibility, and even the lack of food, what these creatures need to survive is less about form and more about function. 

Adapting to these harsh conditions may have caused evolution to beat them with the ugly stick, but it did leave them better equipped to eat and reproduce, which is more important anyway.

Learn why they were born that way here:

Check out NOAA's website for updates from the Okeanos as it explores the Mariana Trench.

Cover image: Shutterstock


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