'The Shyest Girl I Know Randomly Posted Her Music On Facebook, Surprisingly Pleasant' Writes Redditor

Like velvet on the ears.

When Reddit user Daftlump posted a video of his friend with the caption "The shyest girl I know randomly posted her music on Facebook, surprisingly pleasant," he may have unwittingly boosted his friend to stardom. 

The recording of "Waiting, Waiting" by Delaney Kai shot straight to the top of Reddit videos, with over 1,400 comments in just six hours — and for good reason. 

The unique tones of Kai's voice are like velvet on the ears.

She's genuinely incredible, and we think it's only a matter of time before she becomes famous.

Luckily Kai weighed in on the Reddit comment thread as user Bewts, and let us know the man she's playing with is her father. 

"Hi! I'm Delaney Kai in the video," she writes on Reddit. "A few people asked if I have anything else online, but right now I just have a Soundcloud where you can download anything you want! Thanks for posting /u/daftlump[2]  but I'm really not that shy, I actually tried and failed to post this myself. So excited on all the feedback!" 

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