Believe It Or Not, These Girls Were Not Always This Cool


You might have already seen the 19 Words That Sum Up What It Means To Be A Woman post from your friends here at A+. But there's another celebration of womanhood happening on the Internet from a number of familiar YouTube personalities.

It's called the #DearMe campaign and it poses the question: What would you tell your younger self? 

Pretty much all of these women have a similar message:


Cathy Tang, Marketing Manager at YouTube, wrote a blog post about the mission behind the project, saying: 

YouTube is a place where people can come together, share interests, relate experiences and offer each other support. From #ItGetsBetter to #ProudtoPlay, we've seen our community inspire and empower those in need of encouragement. Today, we're asking you to do the same for girls who don't have to face their problems alone.

For many girls around the world, it's hard to visualize a life free of insecurity and self-doubt. But maybe with the support of enough strong women these girls will see just how bright their future can be.

Bunny Meyers, a YouTube vlogger, said it best: "There is not one person on the face of the planet who can replace YOU." 

Check out the rest of their stories in the video below.

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