How Deadmau5 Actually Won The Ice Bucket Challenge And Stayed Dry

Charities 'n' Stuff.

By now, most of your online followers have dumped buckets of chilly ice water over their head.

Tony Felgueiras/Flickr

Joel Zimmerman, otherwise known as Deadmau5, loves being different and doing things his way. Take his Nyan Cat Ferrari for example:

Niklas Emmerich/Flickr

So, while everyone was dousing themselves in frigid water, Zimmerman took an alternate approach:

As with that happens on the internet, people disagreed vehemently:

But he was extremely grateful for everyone's input:

Without people like Zimmerman, the Ice Bucket Challenge would be a paltry attempt at fundraising. However, he neglected to acknowledge that it has raised $23 million.



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