These Were 9 Ordinary Photographs, Until One Artist Invented Something To Make Them Shine

Don't you wish they were real?

When Los Angeles-based photographer Darren Pearson goes to take photos at night, he's not only focused on what's in the image. He's focused on what he can add to it with the stroke of a marker.

Pearson has traveled everywhere, from the depths of Death Valley in eastern California to Rakotzbrücke, Germany, to take photos and illustrate rainbow images of dinosaurs, skeletons and more. 

Pearson also uses the power of long-exposure photography — a technique where you can slow down the rate of how fast a camera closes its shutter  — in order to capture a location in real time, something that you can't accomplish by taking a regular picture. Some stop-motion photography he produced was even featured at the end of a Honda Civic commercial in 2014.

But the real secret behind Pearson's imaginative success comes from a device he invented called the "Night Writer." The device, which Pearson sells on his website, allows artists like him to use it as a tool to illustrate with light. The goal is to use it as an LED marker with removable tips to add in other colors. 

Here are some of the images Pearson has taken recently. You can visit his website for more or get regular updates from him on Instagram.










Pearson also shared a stop-motion piece he made while he was in Germany in November.

A Plus has reached out to Pearson for comment.

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