9 Stunning Negative Portraits Illuminated Using Colors Of The Galaxy

We'd love to have these cosmic images brightening up our walls.

Hungarian mixed media artist and graphic designer Dàniel Taylor, aka "One Man Workshop," is known for his work that merges double exposure with collages and illustration. But it's his negative portraits that have caught our attention. 

In his project titled Negative Series, Taylor transforms photos of women and men into magical, negative portraits. The silhouette of each person is illuminated using a cosmic color palette. The black backgrounds add a stark contrast to the vibrancy of the people within them. 

"In this series, I was concentrating on how people would look with light working the other way around. So what we normally see as dark would appear bright and what usually is light would be dark," Taylor told Creative Boom. "As a bonus, I also added colors of space — I love the palette of the galaxy — and in some cases animals to make these pictures look more interesting."

You can see images from Negative Series below. As a heads up, some of them are NSFW. 










(H/T: Fubiz