Dancer Books A World Tour With Taylor Swift, But It's His Mom's Reaction That Is Absolutely EVERYTHING

Making his mama proud.

Meet Robert Green.

Green is a choreographer and dancer from North Carolina. This guy has some seriously sick dance moves. 

Just watch.

Just a couple of days ago, Green booked The 1989 World Tour with Taylor Swift, where he'll be performing as her dancer. The moment he found out he landed the job, he called up his mom.

Luckily for us, Green also set up a camera to capture her reaction when he shared the big news on the phone.

"I booked a world tour. With Taylor Swift," he tells his mom. "Mommy. [...] They literally just called me. You are the first person." 

And her reaction is EVERYTHING. We're crying and laughing all at the same time. 

There's hardly anything more beautiful than kids making their parents happy. Check out the entire video below.

Awww. Way to make your mama proud, Green. 

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