This Little Girl's Adorable Sense Of Style Rivals The Best In The Business

How cute?!

From the looks of her Instagram account, 2-year-old Daisy Lou's closet teems with trendy apparel — from mini leather jackets and flared pants to checkered rompers and converses.

It'll only take two minutes of scrolling through her account before the jealousy kicks in and you're stealing her style.

Like this little number:

Or this '70s inspired one:

Come on:

According to The Huffington Post, the Instagram account is run by Daisy's mother, Samantha Rizo.

"Of course, Rizzo is responsible for most of the styling," reporter Michelle Persad writes. "But [she] was quick to point out that her daughter 'can't get enough of harem pants and leather jackets.'"

But we can tell this isn't all about fashion. Rizzo's blog, "Closet Full Of Daisy's," is a beautiful testament to how one common interest can create a very special bond between mother and daughter.

Daisy's mother not only chronicles her daughter's precious outfits, but she blogs about their daily lives and time spent together. She writes:

Daisy and I are total ice cream junkies... We love to spend our weekends skipping through the city, soaking up all of the 'mommy&me' moments we have together!  Remember, mommies — time flies, relish in every little sticky moment (and it sure doesn't hurt to look funky fresh while doing it).

Check out more of Daisy's looks below:

(H/T: The Huffington Post)

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