Watch How Japanese Beauty Trends Have Evolved Over The Past 100 Years

Which is your favorite decade?

In the latest installment from Cut Video's 100 Years of Beauty, a series that shows various fashion styles over the years, viewers are taken on a journey through 10 decades of Japanese beauty trends. The time-lapse video features a model getting done up in styles that were popular during each decade. 

From a tight, pulled-back updo with heavily powdered skin in the 1910s, to a short, pin-straight fringe haircut with thick black eyeliner in the 1970s, we see just how much Japanese beauty standards have changed throughout the years. The video even features the pastel, kawaii colors and Harajuku styles that are still popular today. 

The beauty industry is constantly evolving all over the world and it's spellbinding to watch 100 years of those changes in under two minutes. 

You can check out some of our favorite looks below: