Couple Addicted To Technology Destroys It All And It's Completely Awesome


If you own a smartphone, a laptop or can't get enough of your video games, chances are you've been criticized once or twice (or ten thousand times) for using your device at inappropriate times.

In "Glue," a short film presented by Never Hide Films, a couple hypocritically criticizes one another for overusing technology. Moreover, the film shows them, in various situations, completely consumed by phones and laptops and video games.

Take, for instance, this date to the batting cage.

Or while in bed:

Or on this couples jog:

Or even on a drive:

Finally, things come to a head when the male character calls out his girlfriend for being "selfish," and attached to her phone. 

And with that, he slams her phone into the wall, she crushes his phone with a bowling ball, a video game console ends up in the microwave, and a laptop heads down the sink's garbage disposal. 

Frustrated, the boyfriend heads outside, where he runs into an older woman. He tells her that he and his girlfriend got in a fight over their phones, to which she responds, mysteriously:

"Why don't you take her away somewhere beautiful?"

The film's gorgeous ending is a testament to what can happen when people finally put down their devices and take the time to enjoy human interaction.

"'Glue' was shot on 16mm film;" Design Taxi explains. "[It's] as if making a statement that relates to the motion picture's idea that digital is omnipresent in our lives today."

In 2014, Pew Research Center reported on the pros and cons of technology in relationships. On one hand, they reported cell phone use has created tension in relationships.

"25 percent of cell phone owners in a marriage or partnership have felt their spouse or partner was distracted by their cell phone when they were together," the report reads. And 18 percent of young users say they've argued over the distractive devices. 

Yet some couples say that technology and it's communicative capabilities have brought them closer and have even had a positive impact on their marriage and relationships.

Even Bo Mirosseni, the director of the film, recognizes that technology isn't entirely bad:

“I think they are able to help improve our lives in certain ways. However, we have become dependent on our phones for the wrong reasons. People are forgetting how to talk to each other in person, we become so anxious to check Instagram or Facebook that it causes disruption within each other..."

"...If you really stop and look around you, everyone is on their phone at all times. It's pretty bizarre," he tells Little Black Book.

All and all, the film makes an important note to be aware of your surroundings, power off, and enjoy another's company.

Watch the full film to see how it all turns out.