Couple's Awkward Engagement Photos Are Making Us A Little Uncomfortable In The Best Way

Inspired by Kate McKinnon and Zach Galifianakis in "Masterminds."

Engagement photos are a serious thing — after all, you and your partner will have them forever. 

But Caitlyn Campbell and Andrew Tucker decided serious wasn't really for them. So, to better reflect their silliness, the couple from Chattanooga, Tennessee opted for a less-than-traditional engagement shoot inspired by the comedy Masterminds, starring Kate McKinnon and Zach Galifianakis. 

The resulting (and hilariously awkward) photos feature the couple dressed in mom jeans, a vest and long sleeve shirts, jorts, and sneakers, all while posing outdoors on a playground. 

According to The Huffington Post, Campbell and Tucker met nine months ago on a blind date, and will be married in August. Campbell told the publication she and Tucker wanted to highlight their personalities, make their friends and family laugh, and, of course, capture their love for Masterminds

"When we first watched it together, we knew we had to remake the engagement shoot in it," Campbell told The Huffington Post. "Kate McKinnon and Zach Galifianakis are two of our favorite people on the planet."

The photographer, Zoee Davis, is one of two faces behind Evergreen Film Co., a company that aims to capture your life the way you live it. Their Facebook page explains:

"We do messy. We do silly. We do awkward. We do vulnerable. We do laughing 'til you cry, and crying 'til you laugh. We do rainy mornings and golden afternoons and all the brilliant moments in between that make life sweet. We believe that small moments are just as important as big ones. We've all experienced one of those perfect moments that we wish we could save forever. The thing is, you can't capture them [and] live them at the same time. That's where we come in. You live it, we'll capture it. Good plan."

Be sure to check out more of their amazing photo series below:


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