Country Singer’s Music Brings Friend out of Coma!

The healing power of music and friendship!

Many people often fantasize about what it would be like to be friends with their favourite musicians, but for John Menezes, this is a reality on a deeper level. Canadian country singer, Jaydee Bixby's music and friendship is being credited for waking John up after several days in a coma!

John Menezes is originally from Timmins, Ontario Canada but has lived in the city of Kitchener for the past 13 years. One of his favourite musicians, Jaydee Bixby grew up a few provinces away in Drumheller, Alberta. He was the 2007 runner-up of Canadian Idol. (Pop-star Carly Rae Jepsen came in third that year, with Hamilton native, Brian Melo taking first place.)

John and Jaydee met in Toronto through a mutual friend, Thomas when Jaydee returned to Idol a year later to perform at a taping of the show. Afterwards, said John in an interview for APlus, "Thomas and I got to go and hang out with him and the band. Since then, when he comes to Ontario he's sure to let me know".

Jaydee also recalled the first time they met saying, "I liked him from the moment we met. He treated me like he'd known me for years. I meet large groups of people every year and [there are] two categories I put them into: 'people I remember' and 'people I don't'. John's someone I remember—and more than that, he's a friend."

It was at this taping in 2008, where Menezes heard Jaydee's debut single, "Old Fashioned Girl" for the first time. Little did John know that this song would literally change his life! Seven years later, "Old Fashioned Girl" helped to bring him out of a medically induced coma!

On February 14, 2015, John posted a video onto Facebook. In it, he was responding to "Old Fashioned Girl" which was playing while he was still in a coma. Jaydee and his new Memphis record label, Mid South Music Entertainment shared the video. All parties involved would like to see it go viral, but for John especially, he just wants to "share the miracle".

John explained that over the years, he and his fiancée, Jennifer Rose have gone through their share of rough times and miracles:

"I have two boys. [They are] nine and four and a wife-to-be.... Three years ago [she] was hospitalized for seven months due to Lupus. We almost lost her nine times! My son was a year old and I [couldn't] picture him growing up without his mom! She's the love of my life!" John and Jennifer Rose have been engaged for two years and will be getting married this August.

John's own stay in the hospital began in December 2014 after he experienced a seizure. Then on February 2, 2015, he had another seizure in front of Jennifer Rose. According to John, "she forced me to go to the hospital.... There I had four more uncontrollable seizures. The doctors then put me in a coma because [they] did not know why these were happening—Epilepsy was ruled out. I was then in a coma for three days. The doctors stopped the induced coma to see how long it would take for me to come out of it."

Prior to the video being taken, Jennifer Rose asked John if he would like to hear some music. "Apparently I kept trying to say, 'Jaydee! Jaydee!'" said John. "So, they put him on for me."Jaydee's song, "Old Fashioned Girl" was chosen, as it is one of John's favourite songs. As seen in the video, when the music played, Menezes experienced his own miracle: "I started moving around like crazy and coming out of my coma!"

Since coming out of the coma, Menezes has now realized that he has a message to share with others, along with his amazing video and recovery: "Keep your head up. Stay strong. Life is too short to take things for granted, and you really don't know what you have until it's gone."

John also mentioned that he feels much better and stronger now: "I'm a little tired, but in good spirits. I feel very fortunate and blessed to still be here!" When asked if he would like to say anything to Jaydee, John replied, "If I could say anything to Jaydee, it would be 'thank you'. It's amazing how you hear something that you know and love so much, and care about, and it does something so much as a miracle like that!"

As a surprise for John, Jaydee was shown this message without John's knowledge and Bixby was quick to respond: "I feel pretty surprised [that] a song I recorded and sang had the power to wake him—considering I can barely get my dog to do what I say", he laughed. "But it's really giving me a new outlook on what music is capable of." In addition, Jaydee was quick to note, "I don't think it was just the song. I think our friendship had something to do with it also."

We wish all the best to John and his family as they move forward with his recovery and their lives. We also extend the best of luck to Jaydee on his new adventure with Mid South Music Entertainment. All of Jaydee Bixby's music from his three previous albums is available on iTunes. You can also like his Facebook page and his record label's page for more information.