The Truth About Sexting, As Revealed By 16 Anonymous Whisper Posts

Talk dirty to me.

Sexting is way more complicated than you'd think, apparently.

Whisper, an app that compiles what is meant to be anonymous confessions, pulled some of their best sexting secrets that people have revealed. Turns out, there's more to talking dirty over text than just typing out the text and, well, you know the rest. Sexting is an art, for some, and others, a burden.

Check out the apparent confessions below, and remember, a sext is only as good as the person behind it... Or something like that.


I have no idea how to sext guys.  All I say is "yeah?"


I was going to sext you... Until you used "your" incorrectly


"Sexting" with a guy. He thinks I'm touching myself and getting off on it.  I'm eating lucky charms and watching Fresh Prince


I was sexting my boyfriend and stopped because I wanted to eat a piece of cake.  Welcome to my priorities.


My boyfriend is horrible  at sexting and it annoys me to no end


I can't take sexting seriously... it never makes me hot I just laugh.


That awkward moment when you have to google what you were just sexted.


I only accept sexts in dactylic hexameter.


When people try to sext with me I make it my mission to make it as awkward as I can so they will leave me alone.


 Someone just tried sexting me, I panicked and sent him a bunch of pictures of Will Ferrell


I stopped sexting because I get embarrassed of ducking autocorrect ruining the mood


That awkward moment when my grandma starts reading my sexting conversation out loud, and says "Ooo I like that!"


I fell asleep while sexting today. I've hit a new low point.


Just sexted with a girl and in the middle of it she accidentally sent a picture of her dog. Totally killed the mood.


I'm too lazy to sext so when I run out of pictures I take some off google images 😴


I made a customer hold today while I finished a sext.

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