13 Adopted People Got Honest About What It's Really Like

"I used to flinch because I was never held until I got adopted. It used to be scary, but now I welcome hugs."

There are some common questions people usually have when they find out someone is adopted. Do they know their birth parents? What was it like to meet them? Why were they given up? When and how did they find out they were adopted? 

Often these questions may be a bit too sensitive to actually ask, and don't tell us much about what it really feels like to be adopted anyway.  So, to get some real insight into the lives of adopted people, we pulled together a few anonymous confessions from the Whisper app, an online platform where people can post their stories, and secrets. Using the app, people who were adopted spoke about their lives. Everyone has different experiences, but all are equally interesting to read about. 

You can read some of the below: 


I'm adopted and I hate it when people ask me if I know who my real parents are. Yes I do, because I am with them.


I used to flinch because I was never held until I got adopted. It used be scary but now I welcome hugs.


I'm adopted and I hate when people find that out and then start referring to my birth mother as my real mom.  No, my real mom is the one who raised me and loves me no matter what.


I was adopted at birth and I can't think of a family that would make me any happier than my adopted one.


My parents don't know that I know I'm adopted. I found the adoption papers about five years ago. I'm 19 and they still haven't told me.


I'm adopted. As far as I know I have only one set of parents. My current ones.


I'm adopted. While I'm walking down the street I always look at other people and wonder "is that my biological mom"


 This guy once asked why I always talk about my family. I told him,"Because at one point no one wanted me" I'm adopted...


I'm adopted. When I was little, I dreamed that I was really a princess and my parents gave me up to protect me from the bad guy.


I sometimes hate telling people I'm adopted because they think it's offensive to ask me questions.


I am adopted and I struggle with it everyday


I'm the only one in my family to not have red hair. (I'm adopted.) So I dye it red to fit in.


I love when people say they can tell my sibling and I are definitely related because we look alike. I'm adopted.


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