Coast Guard Swims Through 200 Feet Of Ice Water To Rescue A Stranded Pup

"Because a life is a life..."

"Whether man or beast, our crews stand ready to answer the call for help, even if it means crawling through 200 feet of slurpee-like ice," the U.S. Coast Guard wrote on their Great Lakes Facebook page in the aftermath of a recent rescue in Frankfort, Michigan.

And what a powerful rescue it was.

Watch above as Petty Officer Tim Putnam embarks on an "exhausting feat," swimming through the Betsie Bay's icy water to save the dog stuck out in dangerous waters and in dire need of help. Holding on tight, Putnam and the dog are pulled to safety.

The dog appears shaken and tired as she climbs up into the arms of the crew who await her with a warm blanket and a much-needed hug. 

Supporters have rallied behind the inspiring rescue team, sharing much praise, appreciation, and blessings towards the valiant crew and their service.

In their most recent update, the Coast Guard shared that the yellow lab is back home safe with her owner. In addition, they remind us "to always wear [a] life jacket and tell someone where you are going because the ice can be ruff."

A punny end to a doggone beautiful story.

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