Part-Time Chipotle Employees Will Soon Receive Tuition Reimbursement And Paid Vacation Days

The guac, sadly, is still extra.

Chipotle just gave us another reason to love it, outside of its non-GMO, vegan-friendly menus. From July 1 onwards, Chipotle's part-time employees will be offered tuition reimbursements, paid vacation days and paid sick leave, upping the ante in its efforts to attract and retain high school and college-aged applicants.

The benefits were previously only afforded to its full-time, salaried hires, but they are now set to be extended to all its staff members. Chipotle spokeswoman Danielle Winslow said crew cashier and takeout specialists will be allowed these benefits after a year of employment at the company; hourly managers and salaried employees have access to them automatically upon hire. 

It's yet unclear if Chipotle's tuition reimbursement comes with any stipulations. But why the potentially very costly perks? One of its strategy managers told Nation's Restaurant News that these benefits could boost its appeal among high school and college-aged people, a demographic that it often courts for entry-level positions. 

Companies that offer college tuition reimbursements as an employment perk was first initiated by Starbucks. Auto company Chrysler and health insurance firm Anthem later followed suit, and Chipotle is now the latest organization to hop on the boat.

The move received a virtual wink from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who went completely unrecognized during a visit to Chipotle in Iowa in April.

According to Nation's Restaurant News, William Espey of Chipotle's marketing division said:

You've got to promise them you're going to develop them. You've got to promise them a future that if they are dedicated and good and strong for the company, you are going to reward them.

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