Chance The Rapper's 'Surf' Album Is A Creative, Feel-Good Collaborative Project That's Just In Time For The Summer

Available for download on iTunes for free.

It's been two years since Chance the Rapper — aka Chano, aka Chancelor Bennett — graced his fans with a fully-fledged album, following his 2013 Acid Rap, but the wait was well worth it. On Thursday, ending the anticipation built after months of teasing fans with leaks of some great live instrumentation, Chance The Rapper dropped his new collaborative album, Surf, for free.

The album includes some names people will be familiar with — like Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, Jeremih, Quavo (of Migos), Janelle Monáe and Big Sean — but a few up-and-coming artists, such as Raury and Joey Purp are among those lending their talents.

To be fair, it is more of a group project than it is solely Chance's record. The experimental, label-free effort is as much as his live band The Social Experiment's and multi-instrumentalist Donnie Trumpet's (or Nico Segal) as it is his. 

Its feel-good, summer-y vibe is reminiscent of the trio's prior (delightful) cover of "Wonderful Day," the theme song of the children's show, "Arthur." Incorporating elements of jazz, the album stands out as a bright, upbeat, super-positive piece of music that will transport you — figuratively — to a summer BBQ party within its first minute. 

Surf is available for download on iTunes for free.

[Cover image via The Come Up Show/Flickr]