There's An Entire Subreddit Dedicated To Stunts That Were Too Crazy To Work, But Did

Living on the edge.

1. "Did you just catch that?"

2. Talk about precision.

3. Here's one that'll put your snowboarding skills to shame.

4. You might not believe in ghosts, but ghost driving is apparently a thing.

5. Some people have no bones. Seriously, none.

6. Who needs four wheels anyways?

7. "Look Ma, no hands!"

8. The real-life Spidey.

9. Instant victory.

10. Behold, the notorious "Shovel Man."

11. Yet another way to catch dinner.

12. Who said swings are girly?

13. Incoming!

14. Baller.

via /r/cantBelieveItWorked

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