This 'Power Rangers' Casting Is Making Headlines (And History)

Go, go Power Rangers!

This is Camille Hyde, and she's about to make history.

She's the first African American woman to be cast as the iconic Pink Power Ranger in the series' 22 seasons, according to Buzzfeed.

Hyde will be starring in the new season called "Power Rangers Dino Charge," which will begin airing on Nickelodeon on February 7.

She promises to kick "galactic butt" playing her character Shelby.

Hyde's casting was first announced at the fanbase's 2014 Power Morphicon Convention.

"Power Rangers Dino Charge will bring fans an action-filled story packed with all-new monsters, villains, weapons, and of course, Power Rangers," said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands, in a press release. "We know our fans will love what we have in store with this all-new dino-themed season."

The new season will also star actors Brennan Mejia, Yoshi Sudarso, James Davies, and Michael Taber. We'll admit that we're even more excited about the series' diverse casting than we are about the the promise of some dino action. How children see characters that look like them portrayed (or not portrayed) on-screen has been shown to have a significant effect on self-esteem. 

As actress Geena Davis said, "If she can see it, she can be it." And now another group of little girls will have the opportunity to be inspired to take charge and be superheroes in their own lives.

Check out more photos from Hyde's Instagram below.

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