There's Nothing Left To Wish For In The World Anymore — Because Burger King Has A Cologne

Who wouldn't want a whiff of that?

For some people smelling and tasting like a burger is a bad thing.

But apparently there are lots of people in Japan who are more than willing to spray on some good old beef scent. This was proven when hundreds lined up at Burger King Japan for a novelty cologne called Flame-Grilled Fragrance.

What does the stuff actually smell like?  In a piece for The Verge called "I'm wearing beef perfume from Burger King Japan," writer Sam Byford describes it pretty perfectly: 

It's something like the burnt-rubber skidmarks left by a box-fresh-MacBook-carrying courier scooter after it crashed into a bacon salt factory[...] It is truly, unspeakably terrible, and I say that as someone who only ever wears a fragrance that's meant to evoke cigars.

Would you try it?

iStock / keeweeboy
iStock / keeweeboy

The Associated Press reports the cologne was sold exclusively in Japan as a Burger King promotion on April Fool's Day for 5,000 yen, equal to about $40.  

"The company said it hoped the scent would make customers identify Burger King with a grilled-beef burger smell," reports The AP. 

Welp, now that Burger King cologne is a thing, Is there anything left in the world to wish for? 

We'll answer that for you — No. 

(H/T: ABC News

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