Elderly Lady Hears A Beatboxer Performing And Her Dance Is The Most Wonderful Madness

We want to be her when we grow up.

Ammar Dafri, also known as Power beat, is an Algeria-born beatbox performer.

In a video that was uploaded on his Youtube channel a couple of days ago, he is seen beatboxing on the streets of Brussels, Belgium. Is he nailing it or what?

But judging by the video below, we are not the only one's that appreciate Dafri's mad skills. 

An elderly lady was walking her dog when she heard the performer beatboxing. She dropped everything she was doing and gave us an amazing dance performance. She dances as if this pedestrian street was a club and she was the start of the show. And to be completely honest, she is. And the cheering crowd seems to agree.

"This woman dancing really touched me deep inside," Dafri writes on his Youtube channel in French. "[The memory] is stuck in my head."

Because when you come across something you love, you celebrate it. And show everyone how it needs to be done.

Talk about getting the most out of every second of your life. 

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