Road Trip Turns To Nightmare When Brother Doesn't Stop Lip-Synching Cheesy Songs


Going on a family road trip is like walking on very thin ice. You know there's virtually no way that it will end well. Yet, the idea of it sounds kinda fun. 

Because let's face it, cramming at least two adults in a tiny car and telling them to deal with each other for longer than an hour is borderline ludicrous. However, some people find ways to make the best of it. Take this guy for example.

San Diego-based fire dispatcher Brian Anderson recently took a road trip with his sister. Being stuck in the car for 7 hours, Brian figured he'd make the commute a bit more fun by lip-synching songs on the radio.

He really got into the act, lip-synching everything from Spice Girls to Papa Roach. However there was one person who wasn't at all impressed — Brian's sister.


You think Brian gave 2 cents about it? Nope. And he really managed to ante things up!

The repertoire of Brian's performance had no borders. One second he whipped to Silento, the next — bye-bye-byed to N'Sync.

But don't think his sister just sat there and eye-rolled. Here she is perfectly stealing the show.

Watch the full video below: