Brits Are Making Out With Foreigners On Instagram To Show Support For The European Union

A French kiss is always a good idea.

Tomorrow, on June 23, Britain will be voting in a historic referendum that will decide whether the nation leaves the European Union or not, a process that has been colloquially referred to as the "Brexit."  

Ahead of the vote, an initiative called The French Kiss Mission is encouraging Brits to vote to remain a part of the EU — and calling for them and folks from other European Union countries to celebrate the union by kissing.

"The French Kiss Mission is about displaying a snapshot of those many couples & friends formed by one English soul & one EU soul, which illustrates how the European Union supports European-British unions," the initiative's website explains. "This is a lighthearted form of engagement reminding English people that, despite complex (yet entertaining!) historical ties, both Great Britain & European countries belong to one family: the European family."

Scroll down to see photos of beautiful kisses that go beyond borders.

Henry and Camille, who is from France

Nick and Maguire, who is from France

Rowley and Sophie, who is from Italy

Edmund and Flore, who is from France

Sam and Guste, who is from Lithuania

Jack and Olivia, who is from Italy

Charlie and Eliane, who is from Belgium

Will and Charlotte, who is French

"Just me and the EU."

Love has no borders, so kiss away.

Do you want to join the initiative and support Britain staying in the EU? You can do so by uploading your own photo on Instagram or Twitter with #thefrenchkissmission hashtag.


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