The Reason Behind This Woman's 7-Hour Tattoo Will Bring You To Your Knees

This woman is our hero.

Meet Molly Ortwein, a 47 year-old breast cancer survivor. Like many patients, Molly was left with jarring surgery scars that reminded her everyday of the painful experience.


But she didn't settle. Molly wanted to regain love for her body so she found an unusual method - mastectomy tattoos.


She decided that instead of scars, which became a daily reminder of the cancer she fought, she will do something radical but more healing.


Molly had a double mastectomy, meaning both of her breasts were removed. So she covered them both with beautiful flowery ornaments.


The overall procedure took 7 hours to finish!

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Watch Molly's amazing story captured on film:


P.INK is a non-profit platform connecting breast cancer survivors with tattoo artists who create incredible mastectomy tattoos.

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