This Little Boy Crying Over A Chicken Reminds Us All To Be A Little More Compassionate

"Just please leave her alone."

There are people who love animals and fight for their rights. And then there's this little boy, Vitor — he can't stand to see an animal suffer. 

Vitor's mother was attempting to prepare a chicken for lunch, but the little boy wouldn't allow it. While stroking the headless poultry, Vitor cried out, begging his mother to leave the chicken alone.

"Just please leave her alone," he repeated several times.

Watch the adorably heartbreaking exchange in the video below:

Poor Vitor was not going to allow his mother to "hurt" the chicken anymore and would do anything to save her from the chopping block. 

The little boy's mother tried her best to explain that the chicken was already dead and she needed to cut the bird in order for them to have lunch, but Vitor didn't want to hear any of it. 

He was too concerned about the well-being of the animal, whether it was alive or not.

"I'm telling you not to cut her."

At one point he pulls the chicken closer to him as if to protect her from the knife before he made one final attempt to spare the chicken and said through tears, "you shouldn't cut her."

By the end, his mother agrees to leave the chicken alone, for her son's emotional attachment to it seems a bit more important than lunch that day. 

This adorable video, which has received millions of views on Facebook, is a little heartbreaking as it's difficult to see any child upset. Still, it serves as an important reminder that, like Vitor, we should care for all animals

The video ends with a powerful message: "We are all born with compassion. Reclaim yours." 

(H/T: DailyMail)


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