ESPN's Bomani Jones Sports A 'Caucasians' Shirt To Not-So-Subtly Protest The Cleveland Indians' Logo

"It was clean."

In the NFL, the Washington Redskins have come under fire in recent years for their bizarre refusal to change the team's derogatory name and logo. In the MLB, there's a direct parallel with the Cleveland Indians, whose name isn't quite as offensive, but whose logo remains a tone-deaf caricature named Chief Wahoo. Even though the team has officially switched in the much less controversial C as its primary logo, Wahoo is still prominent on players' jerseys.

The "minimization," as owner Paul Dolan put it, hasn't really satisfied those unhappy with the questionable mascot, among them Bomani Jones of ESPN.

While filling in for co-host Mike Golic on Mike & Mike this week, the outspoken Jones wore a T-shirt openly mocking the Indians' recent news concerning the logos. It read "Caucasians" in the Indians signature font, with a White cartoon face wearing a dollar sign instead of a feather.

Asked why he was wearing the shirt, Jones answered, "the statement is obvious," also adding that Chief Wahoo is "based on stereotypes of the past."

To buy the shirt yourself, head over to Shelf Life Clothing Co. If you agree with Jones' assertion that  "there's no defense" for such offensive stereotypes in sports, it's not a bad way to voice your opinion.


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