Blind Mother Gets To See Her Newborn And It's The Most Touching Thing Ever

Thanks, technology.

Seeing your baby for the first time is a pretty special moment to begin with.  But imagine how you'd feel if at first you didn't think you'd get to see him or her at all.

Mother Kathy Beitz, who identifies as blind in the video below, experienced vision loss as a child. But thanks to new technology called eSight, she got to see her newborn son, even if it was just for a couple of minutes. The footage took our breath away.

"For the first baby that I get to actually look at, being my own is very overwhelming," Beitz says in the video. "And even to look at my husband,  looking at him was such a good feeling. I got to fall in love with him."

eSight works by delivering up-to-the-second video to people with vision impairment and to enabling them to adjust the display as necessary to see it clearly.

"Users have complete control over the image they see, which means that [they]  can enhance, magnify, and adjust the image to ensure their eyes can best interpret their world," the company explains on its website.

Beitz's sister Yvonne Felix uploaded the video to YouTube as part of her advocacy for the world to #MakeBlindnessHistory by making eSight technology accessible to those in need.

"People like Kathy shouldn't have to worry about missing the important moments," Felix writes on the #MakeBlindnessHistory website. "eSight is not expensive in the wide world of medical expenses; it's just out of reach for many people by themselves. We are going to help them."

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