7 Tweets Perfectly Contextualize Just How Far We're Not When It Comes To #BlackWomensEqualPay

A 40-cent pay gap.

Four months after Equal Pay Day — which sheds light on the 21-cent pay gap between women and their male counterparts — is African American Women Equal Pay Day. August 23, 2016 commemorates the 601 days that African American women must work to earn as much as their white male workers did in all of 2015.

A report released today by the Center for American Progress reveals that African American women earn 60 cents for every dollar their white male colleagues earn. This results in a cumulative lifetime wage gap of about $877,000.

It goes without saying that African American women are key contributors to the growth of the U.S. economy that cannot and should not be left behind. Here are 7 people who tweeting about #BlackWomenEqualPay to shed light on the unique economic barriers many African American women face:








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