When He Started Doing This, People Thought He Was Drunk, But Then They Realized The Truth


A young man in the United Kingdom is doing something incredible for his fellow city dwellers. Just don't try to give him credit for it.

The night is late and cold. The press of people that navigate Birmingham in daylight have already gone home to have dinner with their families and tuck their children into bed. 

Many of those who remain on the streets will be sleeping there, and their eyes visibly widen as they're approached by a 20-year-old do-gooder clad head-to-toe in a familiar red and blue costume. He hands them sandwiches, free of charge.

One woman asks the question everyone's thinking: "Who's under the Spider-Man mask?"

The answer? It's still a mystery, and a fascinating one at that.

But here's some quick background: Birmingham has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the entire U.K. And while Birmingham's beleaguered city council is doing its best to provide services and temporary accommodation to those in need, there are still many who go without.

So this young, anonymous Spidey's work is pretty important.

The Birmingham Spiderman — as he's known in the press and on his Facebook page — works in a bar by day, but by night he trades in his street clothes for something a little more fitting for a superhero. After a quick change in the alley behind his work, he heads out into the city to deliver sandwiches to the hungry.

"Dressing as my other childhood hero, my dad, probably wouldn't have had the same impact," he told the local edition of Time Out.

Literally no one knows who he really is.

While it's safe to say that most people would prefer a clap on the back for their hard work and donated time, like many a caped crusader before him, the Birmingham Spiderman just isn't interested. He'd rather focus on doing good.

The International Business Times reports that the 20-year-old hasn't told anyone about his secret identity. 

"No one knows who I am," he told the publication. "Not my family, not my friends. I was anonymous before and I am still now."

Which is pretty incredible.

With the amount of recognition his costumed outreach is getting, it would be completely understandable for him to want some credit. But he doesn't. 

"Before when I was handing out food, no one would take a second look," he told The Huffington Post. "But when they see Spider-Man handing out the food they come over and ask what I'm doing and are really interested. Most importantly [they] become inspired to get involved themselves."

For this hometown hero, it's all about the difference he's making — not the name he's building. And that deserves to be celebrated.

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