Ever Wonder Why Humans Have Sex More Than Other Animals? Bill Nye Will Tell You.

WARNING: The following will cause harm to your childhood memories.

Bill Nye The Science Guy has taught generations of kids to love science through his show, which is a staple in elementary classrooms everywhere.

He's taught children about volcanoes, electricity, cell biology, and more. But Nye's latest scientific explanation is a little bit NSFW: humans having sex. 

Nye provided this explanation as part of a segment on Neil deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk TV show on NatGeo. Why do we do it like we do? While many other animals only do it at certain times of year, humans are basically always in season for it, even when procreation isn't on the table. 

Simply put, humans are hard wired to enjoy sex, because having children is the only way to pass along genes and contribute to the species’ evolution.

In terms of evolution, if you reproduce, you win. And if you reproduce more than someone else, you beat them. By liking sex, humans likely end up having more kids than they would otherwise. While this "pop out as many babies as humanly possible" approach isn't common in today's society, it's essentially what we're hardwired to do. 

The bulk of Nye's explanation was along this line and makes a lot of sense. Nothing too cringeworthy, right? Well, overall, it's pretty straightforward, until he says that last line that will make you unable to think about him in the same way again.

Want to know what that line is? Watch the video and find out:

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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