13 Things All Bibliophiles Never Realized They Need


Sometimes book lovers need to take a break from spending all their money on... well... books, and treat themselves to a splurge about books. After all, how can anyone survive without library card socks? We really don't know. Check out these items that are extremely high on our wish list (hint hint).

1. Old Books scented candle.

2. Personal library embosser.

3. "Book Worm" tote bag.

4. Library card socks.

5. Children's literature phone case.

6. Fingerprint bookmart.

7. Vinyl record bookends.

8. Grammar stickler poster.

9. Floating arrow bookends.

10. "Vintage" Kindle cover.

11. West and East Egg pendants.

12. Cast iron hand book holder.

13. Hogwarts debt is real.