27 Yearbook Pages You Have To See To Believe

#15 will make you look twice.

1. This English teacher might have taken the title of "To Kill A Mockingbird" a little too literally.

3. The monocle is the best part.

5. "'Dang, Harrison just stole my girlfriend.' -- Everyone"

7. Um, wait, what?

9. His class apparently decided to pose naked with the thing that mattered most to them in the world.

11. This must have taken some planning.

13. This teacher used the same photo for a decade, making only subtle changes.

15. Not to be outdone, this teacher wore the same outfit for 40 years in a row.

17. Purrfect.

19. He looks kind of familiar...

21. This history teacher is doing it right.

23. He'll have to call you back.

25. Class of 2008.

27. Whoa.

29. Nothing unusual here. Move along.

31. "Shake and bake."

33. Apparently anything goes at this Korean high school.

35. Harry, Ron, Hermione... is that you??

37. How sweet.

39. Sounds appetizing?

41. Harr harr harr.

43. Called it.

"We know what you're thinking and no, we're not related!"

46. Seems fishy.

48. Thanks for letting us know?

50. Step up to the plate.

52. What a way to be remembered.

54. And, finally, proof that you can't overestimate the value of a good education.


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