People Were Asked What The Best Compliment They Ever Received Was. Their Answers Made Us Happy.

What's yours?

It might be something your best friend said at 2 in the morning over too much wine or just the most random thing a complete stranger blurted without thinking. Perhaps it's your mom pouring her heart out.

No matter who said it or when or why, for some peculiar reason, some compliments become just so much more powerful than the others. And there's always that one you wouldn't trade for a million others.

So we asked a bunch of people to share the one nicest thing anyone has ever told them. 

Here it goes:


"I'm excited about your life."

- A childhood friend on the schoolbus to their performing arts day camp.


"That was a really good taco-flavored kiss."

- Rafael's ex.


"Nice skin."

Gets it all the time.


"Don't freak out, but you give me goosebumps... Or was this too soon?"

- A guy in a queue at 7/11.


"You look like your dog, just a bit taller."

- A stranger at a dog park.


"You're the best version of yourself you could be."

- A high school classmate Cate hadn't seen in 5 years.


"You're my sister."

- A Ghanaian man who ran an orphanage home in Senya Beraku, Ghana.


"You are just so genuine."

- Dan's mom's best friend.


"I wish I knew how to quit you."

 - Unknown.


"You're not fat. You look fine."

- A dude.


"You look hot."

- Marilyn's brother in California after she sent him a couple photos of her. "Since he has 'PD' (Parkinson's Disease), I think it made him feel good to say it," Marilyn told Aplus.


"You're like a pistol shrimp — I never thought anything so small could be so loud."

- Clarissa's boyfriend, a day after they met.


"You would be the first to die in a horror movie."

- A high school friend after watching "I Know What You Did Last Summer."


"You look like Batman."

 - Unknown.


"You're selfless, have made me smile, & I hope I've been as good of a friend to you as you have been to me."

- Claire's roommate after they graduated college and moved out of their apartment to go live in separate cities.

Now, what's the best compliment you ever got?

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