You Might Think This Is A Bad Habit, But You Are So Wrong

You'll want to drink way more coffee after reading this.

Is this you?

Do you need your cup-o'-joe every single morning? Do you get all headache-y and irritable without it? Do you neeeeeeeed coffee because coffee is life and without life, what is anything? 

Well, coffee drinkers everywhere rejoice, because we're here to tell you that your favorite habit is actually good for you. 

Here's why: 

1. Caffeine in coffee gives you more energy. Duh.

What's the central ingredient that makes coffee great? Caffeine! 

Decaf coffee drinkers are doing it wrong. 

Caffeine gives you those much-needed morning jitters that make you more alert, productive, ready to go and generally awesome at life. 

Beware of the crash that follows though. 

2. It also makes you better at exercising.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee (in moderation) does not cause dehydration. 

According to, it actually helps "battle fatigue" and supports endurance by increasing "fatty acids in the blood," allowing you to run on that treadmill even longer. 

Coffee equals better exercising equals a better body, which equals health and happiness. To put it succinctly: coffee equals happiness. 

3. Coffee helps you make friends.

How many times have you strengthened a bond with a friend, coworker or significant other by shooting the breeze over a cup of coffee? 

Or what about just cold meeting someone at a café?  

In fact, the coffeehouse/café has historically been a site for meeting, socializing, sharing ideas and just plain chillin.' 

4. It's actually good for your physical health in SO MANY ways.

The health benefits of drinking coffee might blow your mind, because there are so freakin' many. Here's just a few things coffee can reduce the risk of:  

Certain kinds of cancer, including prostate cancer, liver cancer and skin cancer 


Type 2 Diabetes 

Parkinson's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease

The list goes on, but we'll stop there. 

Why is coffee so damn good for your health? It probably has something to do with all those great antioxidants it has. In fact, The American Chemical Society says coffee is the NUMBER ONE source for antioxidants for Americans. 

5. Caffeine helps you remember stuff better.

Do you find yourself forgetting when your mom's birthday is? Do you remember what you did last summer? 

Maybe you should drink some coffee, because it's actually super good for your cognition and long-term memory. 

Now, how could you say no to a cup after that? 

6. Oh, and it also makes your brain healthier.

There's a reason why coffee drinkers are always running businesses and getting stuff done — It's because they're smart... and drink coffee. 

While coffee doesn't directly make you smarter, it does jolt your brain into being more active. 

A CNN article quotes Time magazine reporter Michael Lemonick saying, "It [coffee] allows you to use what brain power you have in a much more efficient and focused way."

7. The scent of coffee can relieve stress.

If you're feeling stressed from lack of sleep, smelling coffee is the way to go. That's right, just the aroma can help ease you.  

The Huffington Post notes, the study that found this benefit says the effect only works on stress specifically caused by sleep deprivation. 

So keep that in mind next time you miss a full night of beauty sleep. 

8. It helps you feel less depressed (if you're a woman).

Feeling blue? Grab a cup of black coffee.  

Because that yummy coffee is actually helping to reduce your risk of depression, if you're a woman.  

In fact, one study conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine found that female coffee drinkers who had two to three cups a day reduced their risk by a whole 15 percent! 

Bonus fact: According to a Harvard study, men and women who drink two to four cups daily are also less at risk for suicide. 

Just sayin'.

9. And it makes you generally happier.

While coffee may not have a direct effect on your happiness, it sure has lots of indirect positive effects on your overall well-being.

More energy, alertness and productivity, better exercise, better physical health, less stress and depression? Sounds like a pretty good recipe for being happy, doesn't it?  

10. Drinking Coffee makes you look classy and cool.

Don't think that's true? Just look at Audrey. 

Case closed. 

But, one more thing — Don't drink fraps daily.

Remember: The many physical and mental benefits of drinking coffee are optimized if coffee is taken in moderation. 

Harvard's School of Public Health says:

 ... research [linking coffee to benefits] is typically based on coffee that's black or with a little milk or sugar, but not with the kind of high-calorie coffeehouse beverages that have become popular over the past few years. A 24-ounce mocha Frappachino at Starbucks with whipped cream has almost 500 calories—that's 25 percent of the daily calorie intake for someone who requires 2,000 calories a day.

So substitute those grande mocha lattes for an everyday regular-sized black cup-o'-joe. Your body will thank you. 

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