An Amazing Discovery Was Made Inside This French Barn

How did they go unnoticed?

They're calling it "the barn find of the century," and it's tough to argue.

A collection of cars discovered in a barn in France will be auctioned off in Paris come February, according to the BBC. The auction will open up bids to some of the most expensive and classic vehicles on the planet.

The cars are a collection put together by Roger Baillon, who the BBC described as a "transport industrialist." One of these incredible vehicles was even owned by King Farouk of Egypt. Baillon's heirs had no idea how valuable the cars inside the barn were until they approached an auctioneer about selling them. Check out the pictures of the barn below, which were published in an Imgur post.

The list of vehicles includes but is not limited to:

Hispano Suizas





Check out the full coverage of this amazing discovery here.

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