Here's What Happens When The Cartoon And Real World Collide

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Imagine a world where cartoons could interact with the real world. 

Marty Cooper, also known as Hombre_McSteez, makes this world possible in his three-part video series entitled "Aug(De)Mented Reality." 

His technique involves drawing animated cartoons on transparent cels, and using his phone to bring them to life.

In an email, Cooper tells A Plus he is inspired by people-watching, and "observing little idiosyncrasies and awkward moments." He spends a lot of time drawing in his sketchbook — the place "where [his] characters begin to emerge." 

Cooper has worked as a storyboard artist for several feature films.

Through these experiences, he says he's developed the skills and knowledge to formulate his own short narratives.

So then he began a "quest to turn everyday life into an odd creature infested cartoon world." 

"When my audience grew it fueled me to create more fun and different ways to bring characters to life."

So far, Cooper says his audience's response has been amazing.

His work has taken him around the world — from Asia to India, Europe and Australia. He's also created a commercial for 7-Up in South America.

"Everyone can draw," Cooper tells A Plus. "If you can write your name, you can draw. It's just a matter of learning the 'language.'"

Watch "Aud(De)Mented Reality" below:

Also, check out "Aug(De)Mented Reality 3," which recently debuted on YouTube:

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